Hair Style Gallery

We love doing upstyles for Proms & Weddings! 

We also donate to "Locks for Love".  In fact, we cut at least 5-25 Long Pony Tails a month to send out to Children in Need!  It makes you as the client feel good about helping a child in need, as well as it makes us feel honored to be a part of "Locks for Love". 

The most hair we have ever cut from one person's head was a 16 year old girl named Sarah  in 2006. She had been growing her hair since she was 2 and donated 31 inches of her hair to the charity!  What an honor that was for Sarah allowing our salon to be a part of her willingness to donate her hair!

One of our saddest donations was a client who came in a week before her own Chemo treatment and allowed us to cut off 24 inches of her hair before it fell out from her treatments.  She was a blessing to some child in need.  She is doing well today! 

If you are willing to give at least 10 inches of your hair, we will be more than happy to cut it and send it in to "Lock for Love" for you.  Please just call us when you are willing and ready!  215-538-9338.

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