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St. Johns UCC

St. Johns UCC

Mirror Images raised money for 3 people in need of medical expenses to be paid. St. Johns UCC church in Coopersburg was where the benefit was held. A dear Friend of Melinda's, Melanie Mead (center of picture with sunglasses on) was what inspired Melinda to help out this charity. Melanie had her 1 and only kidney removed over the summer. She was waiting for several years for a new kidney and low and behold just before Christmas Melanie got her wish. She had a kidney transplant and is doing wonderfully! It's been 2 months now and things are super! Melinda and the girls at Mirror Images proudly give their services to charities in need of help!

Gratuities are included in all Salon Bridal Packages.

It is the policy of Mirror Images to charge the Bride for all services performed on the entire bridal party. Please also note that the 48 Hour Cancellation Policy also applies.
It is the policy of Mirror Images to hold your appointment by taking your Credit Card information upon booking any service or package that totals in excess of $100.00. You must call within 48 hours of the scheduled start time of your appointment to reschedule or cancel. In the event that you miss or cancel your appointment without the appropriate notice, your credit card will be charged for one half of the amount of the total booked services, non-refundable. Sorry, there are no exceptions.


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